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2024-01-04: News Headlines

Julia Conley (2024-01-04). Hundreds of Protesters Demanding Ceasefire Shut Down California Capitol. truthout.org Hundreds of Jewish progressives in California on Wednesday led the latest mass protest to reject "business as usual" amid Israel's U.S.-backed slaughter of Palestinian civilians, shutting down the first day of the 2024 legislative session at the state Capitol in Sacramento to demand an immediate, permanent cease-fire in Gaza. As residents of the state with the largest economy in the U.S. |

ecns.cn (2024-01-04). Caixin services PMI reaches 52.9 in December. ecns.cn The Caixin services purchasing managers' index (PMI), a private gauge of the country's service sector, rose to 52.9 in December, increasing 1.4 percentage points over the previous month and hitting the highest level in the past five months.

nosihle (2024-01-04). City of Cape Town events generate almost R4bn for economy. sanews.gov.za City of Cape Town events generate almost R4bn for economy | The year 2023 was a prolific year for the City of Cape Town as it hosted more than 1 200 events, which contributed nearly R4 billion to the economy and created job opportunities for its citizens. | From hosting Africa's first Netball World Cup, the ICC Women's T20 World Cup, the first Formula E race in sub-Saharan Africa, the Loeries Creative Week, the return of Tweede Nuwe Jaar Minstrel Street Parade and many more — the year proved to be a success for the city's sports, arts and culture sectors. | "Research studies on three key events hosted in the cit…

ecns.cn (2024-01-04). China's finance ministry to increase fiscal spending to boost real economy. ecns.cn Chinese financial authorities vowed to strengthen policy support and funding to boost the real economy's revival and improve people's livelihood.

Zane McNeill (2024-01-04). Birth Rates Increased in First Six Months of 2023 Because of Abortions Bans. truthout.org New research published by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics found that states with abortion bans saw an increase in births in the first half of 2023, as compared to states where abortion remains legal. "Our primary analysis indicates that in the first six months of 2023, births rose by an average of 2.3 percent in states enforcing total abortion bans compared to a control group of states where… |

Owen Schalk (2024-01-04). As French embassy closes in Niger, West Africa charts a new course. mronline.org Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger are charting a new course—one of increased economic and security sovereignty.

NEO (2024-01-04). Memorial service held for the late Dr Ngema. sanews.gov.za Memorial service held for the late Dr Ngema | A memorial service reflecting on the life of the late legendary playwright, Dr Mbongeni Ngema, was held at the Playhouse Theatre in Durban on Wednesday. | KwaZulu-Natal Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube, who attended the service, highlighted Ngema's contributions to the region and the world. The MEC for Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Affairs in KwaZulu-Natal, Siboniso Duma, underscored Ngema's influence on economic development, tourism and environmental affairs, saying his work had a "multidimensional impact" on many of his work. | Ngema was killed in a car…

Adriaan Alsema (2024-01-04). Colombia raises minimum wage by 12%. colombiareports.com Colombia's Labor Ministry raised the country's minimum wage by 12% to $335 (COP1.3 million). The wage hike affects the monthly income of some 2.5 million workers and is more than…

teleSUR (2024-01-04). Argentine Judges Temporarily Suspend Milei's Labor Reform. telesurenglish.net On Wednesday, the National Appeals Chamber of Labor temporarily suspended the labor reform included in the decree of necessity and urgency (DNU) signed by Argentine President Javier Milei on December 20. | RELATED: | Judges Andrea Garcia Vior and Alejandro Sudera issued a precautionary measure requested by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) which nullifies the changes in labor matters that had come into effect on…

WSWS (2024-01-04). The Deschenes Commission: a state cover-up of Canada's role in providing refuge to Nazi war criminals. wsws.org The Deschenes Commission was given a remit framed to ensure it would produce a whitewash. Ottawa would not tolerate the disruption of the close political relations it had developed over decades with the Nazis' Ukrainian far-right collaborators.

Editor (2024-01-04). In 2023, Organized Labor Became Core to the Climate Movement. scheerpost.com

teleSUR, lfb, JCM (2024-01-04). Justicia argentina suspende reformas laborales impulsadas por Milei. telesurtv.net El presidente argentino ha señalado, que de ser rechazada su iniciativa por el Parlamento, este convocará a una consulta popular, con el objetivo de demostrar al poder legislativo el amplio apoyo que tiene su proyecto.

teleSUR, lvm, YSM (2024-01-04). CGT reafirma paro contra reforma laboral de Milei en Argentina. telesurtv.net La Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina (CTA) expresó su intención de mantener su jornada de lucha propuesta para el 24 de enero.

Steve Early (2024-01-04). New Vermont AFL-CIO President Is A Labor Reformer & DSA Member. counterpunch.org Editor's Note: Unlike some local and national unions, AFL-CIO central labor bodies rarely have contested leadership elections, with opposing slates running on platforms offering alternative strategies for reviving the labor movement. In Vermont, there have been two such contests in the last four years, both resulting in a mandate for change. In 2019, a group

Labor Video Project (2024-01-04). Plutonium & Fighting for Justice & Accountability for Residents & Workers at Hunters Point. indybay.org The continuing cancers and epidemic of disease in Hunters Point shipyard and Treasure Island has been happening for decades despite protests of the community and workers about the dangers. Now Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai has discovered that there is plutonium in the bodies of residents. This is a direct correlation between their cancers and the radioactive toxins that are only produced by nuclear fission. Politicians including Newsom, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Willie Brown and many others have been involved in covering up this criminality resulting in sickness and death at these radioactive dump sites.

Jake Johnson (2024-01-04). US's Wealthiest Collectively Held $8.5 Trillion in Untaxed Assets in 2022. truthout.org An analysis released Wednesday shows that in 2022, the wealthiest people in the United States collectively held a "staggering" $8.5 trillion in wealth that is not — and might never be — subject to taxation. Examining recently released data Federal Reserve data for 2022, Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) found that the roughly 64,000 U.S. households with at least $100 million in wealth — less than 0. |

The Independent (2024-01-04). Museveni slams West for imposing selfish beliefs on foreign territories. independent.co.ug Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Museveni has criticized attempts by Western powers to impose their beliefs on people in foreign territories. The President made the remarks on Thursday while addressing over 33 delegates attending the Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers Conference — CSPOC 2024 at the Speke Resort Munyonyo in Kampala. "Stop manipulation …

noemail (2024-01-04). Gujarat Health Minister helps 21-year-old blood cancer patient airlift to Telangana. devdiscourse.com A 21-year-old youth battling blood cancer was airlifted from Ahmedabad to Telangana with the help of Gujarat health minister Rushikesh Patel. The youth was studying in Gujarat's Rashtriya Raksha Shakti University and sought help due to his financial inability to return to his home in Telangana.

UMMID (2024-01-04). UAE passport is Arton Capitol's most Powerful Passport. ummid.com The UAE Passport is the most powerful passport in the world, according to Global Passport Power Rank 2024 released by global citizenship financial advisory firm Arton Capitol Tuesday January 02, 2024.

Frank Cappello (2024-01-04). How The 2008 Financial Crisis Led To 'The Squad'. levernews.com

Editor (2024-01-04). Jan 4, 2024. sitrepworld.info Palà§stinalied — German crusader song The Madness of Threat Inflation, And the Insanity of Wanting to Rule the World, by Bill Astore Disasters, War, and More Global Trends, by Simplicius The Thinker Can't Do, Won't Do!But striking poses is fun and easy, by Aurelien The Multipolar World & Refusing the Zero Sum Game (Mel K and Matt Ehret, Video) 2024: The Year Global Government Takes Shape, by Kit Knightly They Think We Are Stupid, Volume 4, by Aaron Kheriaty, MD US Admonishes Israeli Officials For Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud, by Caitlin Johnstone Greenwald: Israeli Massacres Cont…

Rhoda Wilson (2024-01-04). UK care home worker who was fired for not being vaccinated wins unfair dismissal case. expose-news.com In mid-December, the Workers of England Union ("WEU") announced that an assistant in an English care home won his unfair dismissal case in an employment tribunal for refusing to get a covid …

krish-rad_ind (2024-01-04). Serving Justice: The Fight to Eliminate the Tipped Minimum Wage. progressive.org

Brenda Norrell (2024-01-04). Warrior Klee Benally Never Surrendered: A Life of Revolutionary Love: 'Regain Your Power'. indybay.org Our hearts are broken by the sudden passing of our friend Klee Benally. Reflecting on Klee's life, we remember the words of Che Guevara that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love. Klee never surrendered, he never surrendered to capitalism, the media, or the forces of conformity that sought to change who he was.

UMMID (2024-01-04). 'Blatant support to Israel': Sandeep Pandey on why he returned Magsaysay Award, US degrees. ummid.com Sandeep Pandey, a renowned Social Activist and General Secretary of the Socialist Party in India, announced on January 1, 2024, his decision to return the Magsaysay Award and the degrees he received in the US, to protest the US role in Israel's attack on Gaza.

https: (2024-01-04). Writers Against the War on Gaza. socialistproject.ca/feed/ WAWOG hopes to provide ongoing infrastructure for cultural organizing in response to the war.

WSWS (2024-01-04). The working class, the fight against capitalist barbarism and the building of the World Party of Socialist Revolution , (Part Two). wsws.org Just as the ruling elites have normalized genocide and nuclear war, they have deliberately normalized ongoing mass death and human suffering through the unhindered spread of COVID-19.

WSWS (2024-01-04). UPS rings in the new year with hundreds of job cuts across the US. wsws.org Based on press reports and on information provided to the World Socialist Web Site, the layoffs appear to be concentrated among part-time warehouse workers, especially those working daytime sort shifts.

Suds, Snacks,, Socialism Forum Committee (2024-01-04). Saturday 1/6: The Conflict in the Middle East: NOT according to the New York Times. indybay.org The Starry Plough Pub | 3101 Shattuck Ave. | Berkeley, CA 94705…

Walden Bello (2024-01-04). Fascism 101: Why We Need To Spell It Out. indybay.org We need to have a transformative vision that can compete with that of the far right, one based on genuine equality and genuine democratic empowerment that goes beyond the now discredited liberal democracy. Some call this vision socialism. Others would prefer another term, but the important thing is its message of radical, real equality beyond class, gender, and race.

thecommunists (2024-01-04). NHS: Murder by a thousand cuts. thecommunists.org As the NHS is gradually dismembered in the interests of privatisation, the rate of avoidable deaths in Britain is soaring. The Office for National Statistics has highlighted the fact that in the UK some extra 55,000 people a year are dying prematurely of preventable diseases — ie, more than 1,000 every week. The effect is …

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